10 benefits of mangosteen Queen of Thai fruits

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10 benefits of mangosteen Queen of Thai fruits What properties does it have?

Mangosteen is a fruit with a sweet and sour taste. Different parts of the mangosteen tree have benefits and medicinal properties that help relieve various symptoms. Including having a positive effect on health Although mangosteen does not have a very high amount of vitamin C, สมัคร ufabet Compared to other types of fruits But it has antioxidants that are beneficial to the body. In addition, “mangosteen peel” also contains xanthone. Nowadays, it is commonly used to make mangosteens juice drinks for health. and various forms of cosmetic products The mangosteens has other properties that are worth knowing as follows:

1. Contains antioxidants that help nourish the skin, restore the skin to be moisturized, not dry.

2. Inhibits the growth of bacteria in the intestines and stomach

3. Helps nourish the body, nourishes energy, and makes you feel refreshed. animated  

4. Mangosteens peel has the effect of helping to kill germs on the skin, relieve itching, and treat swollen, red skin.

5. The bark of the mangosteen tree Grind it to make herbal medicine. Helps heal wounds quickly. 

6. Mangosteen peel extract Used to make skin care products. Helps resist bacteria Reduce acne on the face  

7. Restoring the balance of the stomach. Makes the digestive system work normally. Reduce constipation problems

8. If the stool is bloody mucus Use boiled mangosteens peels with clean water. Drinking can help relieve symptoms.

9. Raw fruit and peel of mangosteens Can help heal wounds, cure diarrhea, and cure diarrhea.

10. Mangosteen helps reduce bad breath. The mangosteens peel helps reduce body odor. Therefore, it is popular to be extracted to make mangosteens soap.