6 ways to treat back acne

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It can be seen that the cause of acne on the back Overall, it comes from internal factors such as hormones that occur in the body. and external factors regarding food and cleanliness There are many ways to treat acne on your back, both naturally and by seeing a specialized dermatologist.

1. Treat with topical medicine for acne on the back.

  • Vitamin A derivatives (Retinoids) are effective in treating acne. It helps stimulate the exfoliation of skin cells. Reduce clogged pores and reduce inflammation. Can be used in conjunction with acne treatment at all stages. And can also be used to prevent clogged pores. โปรโมชั่น ufabet It has a side effect of causing the skin to peel, itch, and become red.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is an effective medicine for treating back acne. This reduces bacteria on the skin and reduces inflammation of acne. The ingredients of this drug generally have a low oxidation rate, making it a drug that can penetrate the skin well. But for sensitive skin You should try it out for a short time. To prevent side effects such as dry skin, cracked skin, in cases where side effects or skin allergies occur after using the medicine. You should stop using it immediately and consult a doctor for treatment advice.

2. Injections to treat acne on the back

Back acne injections are a way to treat large, clogged acne. Drugs used to treat acne on the back It will be a drug with a high concentration. Most of them are substances that help reduce inflammation of acne and reduce blockage of acne cells. But there is a risk of side effects such as drug allergies or inflammation. Back acne injections must be seen by a dermatologist to evaluate suitability and provide treatment recommendations.

3. Laser to treat acne on the back

Laser treatment to treat clogged pores It is a method of treating acne that shows quick results. And can solve the problem of clogged pores well. Laser treatment for clogged pores is similar to using a needle, but uses light energy to penetrate instead. Especially the spots that have clogged pores. But it may cause the skin to become thinner and more sensitive to light. It should be under the close supervision of a dermatologist.

4. Meso injection on the back (Mesotheraphy)

Mesotherapy on the back is a process that uses plant extracts and various vitamins. Enters the skin through injection into the skin layer. To help increase moisture, reduce rashes, and reduce the function of sebaceous glands. and makes the skin look more radiant. However, injection results may vary depending on the substance used for injection and the skin condition of each person. Therefore, you should consult with a facial skin care expert before deciding to inject mesotherapy on your back or skin vitamins.

5. Change clothes The back is sweaty or dirty.

You should change clothes. If the clothes are sweaty This is because sweat in our bodies contains salts, minerals, and bacteria, which can clog pores, causing rashes, and body odor.

6. Clean the skin on your back with products that are gentle on the skin.

The skin on the back has many sebaceous glands and hair follicles. You should clean the skin on your back by Removes dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin. And you should choose soap or shower cream that has gentle ingredients that do not harm the skin.