Sleep well, sleep comfortably, but why do you wake up with back pain

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Sleep well, sleep comfortably, but why do you wake up with back pain and body pain?

Sleeping problems happen to many people. Many people sleep well and sleep well, but why do they wake up with back pain and body pain? What causes it? Let’s go find the answer at ทางเข้า ufabet

Sleeping is consider the best form of rest for the human body. The body will be able to recover. and repair while sleeping. Which is why sleep is important that helps keep our health strong Good sleep means sleeping all at once. All night long On average, it takes about 6 – 8 hours, which will vary depending on the person. But the duration of sleep It must be sufficient and you must still have quality sleep. But have you ever noticed it? that sleep is another cause That can cause back pain or neck pain without us realizing it. Why is the pain related to sleep?

We spend most of our time, up to 40%, in bed. Sleeping posture is consider very important because it helps our sleep. is effective. And when there are various problems related to the neck, back, shoulders and hips, the correct sleeping position. Therefore helping to prevent The occurrence of various problems and can also help reduce problems. So that they do not occur again.

By choosing a mattress Therefore, you must choose a mattress that is firm enough to support your body. 

to rest which is usually Mattresses have different densities. If a mattress is too firm, May cause body position especially the bone button that touches the mattress There was pressure until it felt painful. The mattress is very soft. until it collapses Does not support the body It can cause aches and pains such as neck pain, back pain, which can indicate.

That That back pain It comes from the choice of mattress. But it also depends on the sleeping position as well. Some causes of pain. It is cause by liking to put dolls or other objects all over the bed if the dolls are large. When sleeping on it for a long time, it will cause the body Especially along the neck And your back can hurt when you wake up, similar to the symptoms of people who sleep with their necks down on the pillow or with their backs arched. Therefore, today we have suggestions for sleeping positions that can help prevent it. And can relieve back pain.

Let’s share correct postures.

1. Supine position is another sleeping position. That is very popular and is most suitable for People who have neck pain When the back It is on a flat area. Make it very easy Continue to align the spine in the same direction. and is divided by body weight distribution regularly. To prevent pain in your neck or back, you can use low pillow to support your head to support your neck and not bend or lift it too much. The principle is to keep your neck in a straight position at all times. But if the body is not flexible enough or the mattress is too hard and does not support the body of the back Use pillows under both knees. Or you can use a low pillow. to support the lower back to help maintain the curvature of the lower spine

2. The prone position is sleeping on the stomach. which is a sleeping position that is not good for the neck bones At most, it is a sleeping position that supports the least amount of the back. And it also increases the pressure a lot. on the spine Sleeping on your stomach is therefore not a recommended sleeping position. Use it as a normal sleeping position. Can use to lie down and play. But it shouldn’t last longer than 20 – 30 minutes. But in cases.

Where you can’t sleep in other positions, use pillows around your neck and upper chest. By turning your face to one side. and put another pillow on it Under the hip area To relieve tension in the back, if you still feel stiffness or pain, remove the pillow from behind your head. Or if you have to sleep for a spa treatment. It should be a bed with holes drilled so. That the face goes down so that the neck doesn’t have to. Turn on your side for an hour. Otherwise, after finishing your spa treatment. It may be comfortable but it’s a pain in the neck. It would definitely not protecte again. Including sleeping on your stomach. It can cause wrinkles due to friction and pressure between the surface of the face and the pillow.

3. Side-lying position is a sleeping position. It is found in the most up to 60% of all sleeping positions and this is consider a sleeping position. Most comfortable for adults because of flexibility. The structure of our spine decreases with age. When we sleep on our side. Therefore, use a pillow that is high enough and the size to support the neck, leaving no space in between. shoulder and head. That’s too much Give the position of the neck. It’s in a straight line.

If you have a pillow to hug to help support the arm.

The one at the top must not deviate, hang down, bend both knees. and put a pillow on it between both legs To help protect Do not allow the structure of the shoulders, back, and hips to twist. Bringing the neck, shoulders, back, and hips to a normal balance level of the body so as not to cause neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, hip strain, and waist pain after waking up. However, you must be careful. Sleep on your side, curled up with your back bent. Because there is a chance that your back muscles will stretche. Stretched out until it is tight. Can become inflame, and also make breathing difficult. Because the diaphragm is press.