ETH says it’s only possible to see Phil Jones train for 20 minutes.

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has revealed he only said Phil Jones train for 20 minute before the centre-back suffer a lengthy injury and ended his career.

12 years with the Red Devils after the end of this season for sure After the club confirm the player would be leaving as a free agent.

Ten Hag was asked about his decision not to extend Jones’ contract at a press conference on Friday. Before the game against Bournemouth this weekend

When asked if he had seen the 31-year-old defender actually practice The Dutch big boss replied, “Exactly. 20 minutes from the first training session of the year.

“I wish I could have played more. I wish I could have given more to the many squads I played alongside. I will say from the bottom of my heart, I did everything I could. I did everything the medical team asked of me.”

Having manage just five appearances in the last three and a half years. Supporters have seen precious little of the injury-hit 31-year-old, with Jones failing to make a single appearance for the club this term.

Ten Hag took charge at Old Trafford last summer and was ask if he’d seen much of Jones this season. To which he replied: “Yes, 20 minutes, first training of the year!” the UFABET report

” with the success he has received The Premier League, FA Cup, Europa League and participation in two World Cups.