Fulham’s direct line for McTominay.

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Fulham contacts Manchester United to inquire about signing Scott McTominay The young tycoon is solving the problem of Joao Pagnina who is constantly being wooed by Bayern Munich. Reports from Germany reveal that the player is ready to move to work with the Southern Tigers. And is waiting for the green light from his team.

Sky Sports have revealed that Fulham have contacted Manchester United to discuss conditions for the Portuguese midfielder McTominay.

Negotiating with the Red Devils may not be easy as it was previously reported that. United had rejected West Ham’s £30m offer. Resulting in Fulham having to offer more than that amount if they hope to move the discussions forward UFABET

This is the latest development of Fulham, who are trying to find a solution to the Palgnina issue. Even though the club doesn’t want to sell the player. The current situation makes the London team have to do everything to give the team the best solution or option.

As for Palgna, it is reported that Fulham may accept an offer of around €60-70m, with Bayern reaching that amount. Because previously the media indicated that the Bundesliga champion was ready to pay at a rate of 50-60 million euros.