Henri shuffles “Todd Bohly” to study well before giving any ideas

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry Has told Chelsea owner Todd Bohly to go back and do some research before commenting on English football.

Bohly took over Chelsea’s co-ownership less than four months ago. Most recently at a panel discussion in New York. He has come out with ideas for English football.

One of them is to generate more money for the industry by hosting an All-Star Game like in American sports. Or a sub-tournament for a team at the bottom of the table

, Henry disagreed with the matter, telling UFABET : “He said -they can study [from American sport]-, right? What does this mean? What do you want to teach us?”

“I don’t like it [Bohly’s idea] because this is Europe. And it doesn’t work that way. Teams are promoted and relegated. What will the All-Star game be for? No, maybe people will like it, but if you ask me, not at all.”

Bohly also praised the Chelsea academy as one of the best in the world. But he pushed the example of footballers that Chelsea did not create themselves, such as Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne to claim work

. “Regarding the comments about De Bruyne and Mo Salah… yes, you study first and then come back and teach us something,” he said.