‘Todd Boehly’ hopes EPL organizes a game of North-South stars.

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Chelsea owner Todd Boehly hopes the Premier League will host a match between the North and the South. The same style as the US sports industry.

US sports industry including basketball, baseball, hockey and American football. Each team has a star game competition.

However, in English football No such event has ever been held and Bohley hopes that will change. In an interview during the  UFABET  conference in New York,

Boehly said he is keen to build a multi-club ownership group, emulating the example set by City Football Group, which controls English champions Manchester City and owns stakes in teams in New York, Australia and Japan.

“I hope the Premier League can learn some lessons from American sport,”

he said. The last 4 places, or why don’t we hold an all-star competition?”

“People talk about raising money for English football, in this year’s Major League Baseball all-star game, they made $200 million (£171 million) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuesday.”

“So I think We can easily organize a match between the North Star team vs. the Southern Star team in the Premier League to earn more money for the industry.

” This will have a truly cultural aspect. and change is coming.”