‘Wenger’ reveals fear of causing problems so he doesn’t return Arsenal

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Legendary manager Arsene Wenger Revealed the reason why he never returned to Arsenal was because he didn’t want his appearance to cause problems. But admits that he is still cheering and hoping Mikel Arteta will lead the team to the Premier League championship.

Wenger is the most successful manager in the history of the “big guns”, but after his retirement In 2018, he never returned to visit the former club again.

Wenger is now FIFA’s president of football development and the 72-year-old former coach told The Sun, revealing the reason behind the decision.

“Since 2018, I’ve never been back to Arsenal again,” he said.

“I think after 22 years as a manager, maybe I’m close to a dead end. and people want change.”

“The club chose a different path. And I can clearly understand, maybe they need to change the whole team. And my presence can cause problems.”

“So I kept my distance completely. to provide opportunities for clubs to build new relationships with the new manager. “

But of course I still feel that my life is related to Arsenal. the UFABET report

” Having traveled around the world for FIFA

, Arsenal’s current manager Mikel Arteta is doing well, winning five of his six games and leading the Premier League, and Wenger believes. They can challenge for the championship.”

“To be honest, I think they don’t have any weaknesses… They are young and have a look. Plus, this year they ‘ve made a good reinforcement.

So why can’t we go back to sticking? You can’t even name them from the championship team. and hope they will succeed.”